I am a sound designer and audio programmer based in the UK, just outside of London. I design DSP systems for audio using JUCE and Max MSP software. My work includes virtual instruments and effects plugins, and I can provide bespoke audio software solutions when the need arises. I also work as a sound engineer for live music and other events – my practical experience with music technology allows me to fully understand the needs of the client, while having a strong understanding of the most current technologies.

Having studied music from a young age I became fascinated with the technology, though it was a number of years before music tech became such an accessible subject in academia. As a young adult I studied for a foundation degree in music technology, where I learned a great deal about recording and the industry before gaining my place at UH to study sound design as an undergraduate. Straight out of undergraduate I secured a scholarship for postgraduate education, which I have almost completed.

During my time at university I have grown increasingly confident in my field of study. I currently work part-time at the Forum in Hatfield as part of the technical crew, overseeing light and sound at a range of different events including Slam Dunk Festival and K1 kickboxing. Prior to this I worked a number of freelance jobs mixing audio for music festivals, promotional videos, live broadcasts and in the studio. I have also produced several apps for the Google Play store.

This blog was started to accompany my Master’s degree (MSc Audio Programming) and will showcase various aspects of my research as well as the final project. The media area of this site contains links to some of my creative work.

For enquiries please contact: danmitchell.audio@gmail.com